Shared CTO Services


Virtual / Shared CTO Services

The objective is to make the top critical CTO role affordable for Small Medium Businesses globally. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for building and overseeing the product technology strategy and roadmap for a company to achieve business goals aligned to Vision and Mission of the company. 

Based on the study, most of the small organizations spend more time and money in trying to figure out right technologies for the business. Also it becomes difficult to hire CTO, due to many different reasons, like;

  1. Experience CTO willing to join startup’s or SMB
  2. Affordability of the role due to cost and requirement

So SMB organizations usually compromise and try manage with what they have, and sometimes it's more costly because of duplication of efforts across the functions or incremental spends due to un-planned, or without strategy / plan. As most successful businesses would vouch for technology as their key success factor and the owners of these businesses would definitely agree that they leave technology to the experts.

So we provide shared CTO & Virtual CTO services for the organizations, to make it affordable and valuable.

Who can utilize our CTO services?

  1. If you have an idea and want to start a company, and looking for someone to share your business goal to get the understanding to utilize the latest technologies while building your product or solution for your customers.
  2. Want to get the Product Roadmap or strategy built by industry veterans and experts but don’t see a need to hire one as full-time.
  3. Improve your existing Product roadmap based on your organizational skills and strengths by aligning with your customers business goals, but can’t afford (money & work availability) to hire dedicated CTO as full-time.
  4. Till you hire the right technology leader for your organization you need someone to support or take care for your development  team / technology functions.
  5. Want someone to build Cloud product strategy or roadmap to add cloud  business to your services portfolio of your organization.

What services can you expect from Virtual / Shared CTO ?

Here are the common services you expect from your shared or virtual CIO program, though it will be personalized as per your requirements.

  1. Automation strategy for specific functional requirements of your business.
  2. Build Technology roadmap based on the organization business model.
  3. Building technology architecture based on the business goals for services and products of the company for your customers, keeping the scalability in mind.
  4. Assessments of your existing product roadmap based on the industry directions and outlook.
  5. For startups need help with deciding on what kind of hardware or software’s to use without spending a lot of capital but still getting the best performance and productivity for technology groups.
  6. For startup getting un-biased planed for using cloud technologies available in the industry to minimize upfront cost, as cash is king for startups or SMB.
  7. Building right and effective technology team, and time-to-time align the enhancements of your product technology with the industry roadmaps.
  8. Interviewing and hiring right technology team member’s without learning technology to select right technical or specialized staff.
  9. Continuous overseeing while building the technology teams or organizations without hiring full-time senior technology leaders.
  10. And many more….

How it works ?

Post your requirement

Write or call us about your requirement it’s free

Discuss your requirement on scheduled

Ask for Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required at any stage as per your need

Signup Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Flexibility to hire based on the deliverable or number of hours, no surprises on the final cost

CTO is on the job

CTO will be available for you as part of your company, to work or to project to vendors, partners, employees or customers

Regular review and updates

Keep getting regular updates and focus on your business goals

Handover document

Handover of the work after completion with CTO availability over emails and phone as per need