Amazon Cloud (AWS) Managed Services


RP offers a Amazon - AWS Cloud Managed Services to help you take the full advantage of AWS Cloud Investment. We help you plan and decide the right sizing during the process of your decision to use IT Infrastructure over cloud.

RP's AWS Cloud experts will help you Plan -> Build -> Manage your Cloud IT Infrastructure end-to-end. We will help you Optimize your existing environment over AWS Cloud to ensure best performance, security with Business Continuity Planning.

We will also Monitor your AWS Cloud Infra with your tools or our hosted tools / platforms, to provide you end-to-end manageability and support round the clock.

Our Amazon - AWS Cloud Services includes the following standard activities, can be customized as per your need;


  • Analyzing your current Infrastructure for the feasibility of migration.
  • Plan the right sizing as per your requirement, Fully Public / Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.
  • Architect Infrastructure based on the application including for all possible configurations.
  • Prepare a Migration Strategy / Plan for existing workload, in phased manner with Minimal Down Time.

Build / Implementation:

  • Build the AWS Cloud Infrastructure based on your requirement.
  • Install and configure your applications with minimal involvement of your teams.
  • Cut-Over of the service to the AWS Cloud with close monitoring of performance
  • Fine tune the performance, based on the end-user experience.
  • Configure 24 x 7 Monitoring of the Instances and Applications as per your requirement.
  • Configure Security Control and Remote Management for your regular maintenance.
  • Automate the possible day-to-day operational task for your AWS Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Decommission of Legacy environment after the standby period.

Run / Maintain

  • Monitoring of instances for 24x7x365 basis and manage events.
  • Fine tune the Application for Performance ongoing basis based your your requirements.
  • Support Operating System Patch Managed for mandatory security patches from OEM's. 
  • Provide all Level support (L0, L1, L2, L3) as per your requirement with shared / dedicated team.
  • Continue Automation ongoing basis as per the requirements.

RP team will architect a custom solution, and will support continuos improvements for your AWS cloud environment, with our expertize.

  • High availability for support round the clock (24x7x365)
  • Improve your Service availability close to 99.999% Availability
  • Flexibility during the additional or out of Scope Project / Work.
  • Optimizatize administrative Cost.
  • Re-Deploy your resource to do High Value Business requirement and we will take care for day-to-day work